Types of powered wheelchairs

A powered wheelchair, rather than a scooter, may be a more suitable product for you if you need to stay in your wheelchair throughout the day, have restricted mobility in one or both hands, require mobility assistance around the home or are unable to transfer on and off a seat easily.

Standard powered wheelchairs

These powered wheelchairs come fitted with standard seats and controls, although they will vary between individual models. Many models will fold or dismantle to allow you to transport them in a car.


  • Some adaptations cannot be added to these wheelchairs
  • These wheelchairs are available through all of the Motability powered wheelchair dealer network 

Standard Plus powered wheelchairs

These are standard powered wheelchairs that have had a number of adaptations or accessories fitted to them to better meet your needs and to make mobility easier for your specific disability.

Custom-built powered wheelchairs

Whatever your requirements and wherever you live in the UK, we have specialist dealers who can tailor a powered wheelchair to suit your specific needs. Custom-built powered wheelchairs are built with various adaptations and modifications. They use advanced technology so even if you have very limited movement it is likely that you’ll find a suitable product. If you believe you need a custom solution, please contact your nearest specialist dealers.

Department for Transport classifications

  • All scooters and powered wheelchairs are given a classification by the Department for Transport:
  • Class 2 products can only be used on the pavement and have a maximum speed of 4mph.
  • Class 3 products must be registered with the DVLA and require road tax – your Motability dealer will take care of this for you. They can travel up to 8mph, although must only be driven at 4mph on pavements.

A large number of powered wheelchairs are Class 3 products. Be sure to check with your Motability dealer that they have taxed your powered wheelchair prior to handover.

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